All entrants are requested to familiarise themselves with the following rules and regulations so as to ensure a trouble-free Discovery Surfers Challenge.


Saturday, 23 February, 11.00 – 12.00
Busses depart from Harewood Drive opposite Nahoon Sands


All participants will be uniquely identified by the organisers according to their discipline i.e. Paddlers, Runners and Walkers, 10km Race and Kiddies 5km.


All participants who complete the race within the set qualifying times receive a T-shirt. There are different T-shirts for the different races. The cut- off time for the 17.5km is at 18:30 for runners, paddlers and walkers. 10km cut-off time is 16:00.


There have been no changes to the 17.5km Challenge route (since 2010). A map appears on this brochure.

CUT-OFF IN GONUBIE at the END OF SOUTHEND ROAD at 17:00.At this juncture you are required to hand in the chip and board a bus to the finish. This is for the safety of all concerned and must be strictly obeyed.


There are adequate feeding stations on the route, but please do not abuse these as you may deprive participants further down the field from receiving their share.


River crossings should never be taken lightly, and this year will be no exception. Listen carefully to lifeguards on duty. Ropes will be provided across the rivers, while other craft are available in case of emergency situations.

Please note that Dynamic Emergency Service is on duty and can be contacted on 043 726 2225 or 082 317 6235.


Timing chips are to be worn on the ankle.Only if you return the chip at the finish will you receive a T-shirt, provided you finished within the qualifying time. A penalty of R100 penalty will be payable if the chip is not returned.Please remove your chip prior to reaching the T-shirt stand.