The Streets and Beaches are BUSY

B2R TT 7 Jan 15

As race day creeps ever closer the streets and beaches seem to be getting forever busier with runners peaking or in many instances simply cramming to ensure they make the 17.5km from Kwelera Mouth to Nahoon Beach.

Those who know what to expect come race day will vary their training with some tar (for the Gonubie stretch) some beach for those long stretches of sand and some rocks and pebbles to improve balance and mobility over such  terrain.

The Sunrise-on-Sea parkrun takes in some of the Surfers course so that is a good option as is the Kidds Beach parkrun which also takes in some beach.

Speed is great and strength better still for even the front runners have to worry about soft sand now that there is a 10 plus kilometre and a junior 5km that starts earlier and the participants of which, churn up the beach.

The beaches have been looking magnificent, especially the stretch from German Bay to Bonza Bay and runners would be well advised to take it all in on this stretch and not to dwell too much on how heavy the legs may feel.

Entries are streaming in and it is best to take advantage of the early bird entry fee.

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