The Discovery Surfers will have its second Comrades winner running in 2016.

Admittedly last years women’s winner, Caroline Worstmann will not run the full 17.5km Surfers but will tackle the 10 plus instead.

The latter race will be run for just the third time against the main event’s 42nd year.

Wosrstmann will be the first defending and current Comrades winner to tackle the race. The only other winner to run Surfers is Bruce Fordyce who will be doing his 10th on the same day.

Fordyce first came to run Surfers in the twilight of his illustrious career when his nine wins and numerous gold medals were finally a thing of the past.

Worstmann is a great runner and has a magnificent story to tell. One which should inspire every runner and women in particular.

She is also the current Two Oceans 56km Champion.

A recent swop over from her previous club to the new KPMG is interesting, though she retains her coach, Lindsey Parry, who worked wonders with her in 2015.

Surfers ambassador Hanlie Botha, has indicated a willingness to organise a Sunday run with Worstmann and our own 13th placed comrades runner, Stephanie Smith, along with their other training mates.

There are few nationally and internationally marketable runners, but Caroline Worstmann is most certainly one and she looks set to become the face of road running in South Africa for some time to come. A very refreshing arrival indeed.

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