40 Surfers later and 30 for Neville Wilkins

Surfers Committee 2014This will be the 40th running of a race that captures the imagination of an entire community. If you run you are sure to be asked “so you doing Surfers then?”

Discovery have been involved as title sponsors for over 10 years and Neville Wilkins, the Race Convenor has been involved for a tad over 30 years.

The long standing association with SAB Miller is another milestone of note, while Dougie Kunnard is part of folklore and will be out to complete his 40th on 22 February. Wilkins himself says he will run this year – time will tell.

Two other men have missed only one and it is sure that Alastair Phillips and Mickey Webb will be out to keep their record intact.

The majority of the members Wilkins’s committee have been with him for many years too and they are a lively bunch, who generally have a lot of fun.

2014 is a great year to be a part of this fine history and it is expected that a record field will far surpass expectations.

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