Welcome to the Discovery Surfers Challenge 2015 website.

Last year saw the continuation of the Junior Surfers fun run.  This is an event which is catered for the youngsters U/14.  It will take place the same day of the main race, 14 February 2015.  Times still to be announced.

The route will take them from Blue Lagoon Hotel (Beacon Bay side) to Bonza Bay, turn at Bonza Bay and return to Nahoon Beach.

So for those parents not partaking in the main event, it’s time to accompany your kids for a 5km dash up and down the beach.

This year also sees the inaugural 10km race which starts at Gonubie.  So for those not quite up for the main challenge, but still want to take part on the day, the 10km is the perfect option!




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Results for 2014! See yourself on YouTube.

February 24th, 2014 by

Results are up for 2014 and once again FinishTime have gone beyond the norm and added some neat features to their result pages.

results_sharesFirstly click here to access the results.  Search for your name and click on it to bring up all the features.  You’ll get a few options as shown on the left.

You have an option to Print Certificate, View Race Photos and others, but the really cool feature is “View on YouTube”.  The entire race was captured on film and what this does is take your time when you crossed the half way mark and the finish and pin point exactly in the video where you closed the mat.  So you get to see yourself crossing the line.

When we last checked the video had been taken off YouTube due to copyright infringement in the song that was played, but hopefully that should be sorted out soon.

40 Surfers later and 30 for Neville Wilkins

January 27th, 2014 by

Surfers Committee 2014This will be the 40th running of a race that captures the imagination of an entire community. If you run you are sure to be asked “so you doing Surfers then?”

Discovery have been involved as title sponsors for over 10 years and Neville Wilkins, the Race Convenor has been involved for a tad over 30 years.

The long standing association with SAB Miller is another milestone of note, while Dougie Kunnard is part of folklore and will be out to complete his 40th on 22 February. Wilkins himself says he will run this year – time will tell.

Two other men have missed only one and it is sure that Alastair Phillips and Mickey Webb will be out to keep their record intact.

The majority of the members Wilkins’s committee have been with him for many years too and they are a lively bunch, who generally have a lot of fun.

2014 is a great year to be a part of this fine history and it is expected that a record field will far surpass expectations.


January 27th, 2014 by

1606952_772096992819104_1399191591_nThe darling of women’s middle distance running in the Eastern Cape, Hanlie Botha, has been named as an ambassador for the 2014 Discovery Surfers Challenge.

A multiple winner of the event and winner in a new course record time in 2013, Botha has again been in sublime form in early races this year, on each occasion winning by the proverbial mile.

Hanlie Botha does come up against stiff opposition at Surfers however, with the sponsors bringing in Pretoria based Myrette Filmalter to the event each year.

There can be no doubt that Hanlie is the ideal person to act as an ambassador as she has proved with her pivotal role in the launch of the new Born 2 Run club that has already made a major mark on the sport.

Filmalter will also add much appeal and is expected to encourage other members of her Nedbank Club to attend.

Comrades runners, Bruce Fordyce, now a household name at Surfers, and Sean Meiklejohn, travelling for his second appearance, will also be in the field and mingling with the runners.


January 27th, 2014 by

Lively debate, much excitement in certain circles, a touch of disdain in others has been the reaction to the announcement that the traditional Surfers Challenge run, walked and paddled over roughly 17.5km is to have the Surfers 10 added as a little brother.

The Junior Surfers – a 5km dash – now going into its third running, has been a huge success and will continue.

Neville Wilkins, the Race Convenor, believes the time has come to entice those who do not enjoy the trail nature of the first 6km of the Discovery Surfers Challenge to come out and run the tar and final beach sections.

The two events will be distinquished by the award of different T-Shirts and it is expected that the 10km will have been completed by the time the Challenge winners come in.

As a result of the new event the 5km Junior race will start half an hour earlier at 2p.m. at the same time the 10km runners depart from the Gonubie Hotel start line. The main fixture remains a 2:30 start.

Predictions as to the effect these changes will have are as varied as the reaction to them.

Will the Challenge ‘s numbers be affected, will the Junior race take a dip?

The most likely outcome is that each event will find a niche for itself and that the overall numbers will head towards the 4000 mark.

22 February 2014 will produce all the answers at this the 40th running of one of East London’s most iconic events.